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Web Social Site Seekers Bug Report


Seekerseekers social media bug report and action plan.
We are currently seeking Beta Testers.

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Current known bugs and fixes:
  --  Added GEO Location

  --  Fixed menu not showing up issue in IE.
  --  Increased photo size to 200k and video size to 5mb. Added flash swf as an extention.
  --  Added css to backend menu.
  --  Fixed My Friends not linking correctly issue.
  --  Added ability for non user to view a profile without being logged in.
  --  Fixed profile page footer redering off the page issue.
  --  Added headline field to profile page.
  --  Fixed profile page photo ID issue.
  --  Fixed profile page layout issue.

Currently working on:

  --  Adding backend texting capabilities.
  --  Adding more search functions that are more detailed.
  --  Building Twitter like feed where professionals can talk to customers as well as other professionals about their        technical skills and advertise their services.
  --  Building flash skin for video profile page.

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